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Saturday, 17 November 2012


So I just finished watching the qualifying session of the American Grand Prix's return to Formula1, and my first thought was 'the track looks gorgeous!!!!'. It's an absolute engineering marvel with its numerous slopes and many heavy breaking points (which shows potential for a lot of overtaking during race day). The difference between the highest and lowest point on the track is 40 ft. And of course the glamour quotient that it brings with it adds to the excitement of the weekend. It was as an absolute star studded paddock with likes of Matt Leblanc, Michael Fassbender, Carlos Slim (the MAN himself),etc often seen on tv.
However the star of the show itself was the car number 1 of Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull car has clearly been the dominant car the entire weekend and it did not disappoint when it mattered. But the Mclaren of Lewis Hamilton did not make it easy for the Red Bull Racing team and really gave them a run for their money when he was lapping times just a couple of thousandths of seconds behind Vettel and finally qualified 2 tenths of a second behind Vettel to take P2. The question on everyone's mind is 'what does this mean for Alonso (who qualified 8th)?'. This means that he along with the Ferrari team has quite a long night ahead of him. Because if Vettel wins and Alonso finishes below 4th, it could be world championship clenching race for Vettel and a historical one at that (3 in a row). And the fact that Alonso's car will be on the inside (dustier side) of the track is not helping the Ferrari team at all.
The disappointments of the day were Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg, who failed to qualify inside the top 10. Jenson experienced a technical problem with the throttle on his car just a couple of minutes before the end of the second session of qualifying and the team wasn't able to fix it in time to get the car back on track.
The COTA definitely shows a lot of promise and I wouldn't be surprised this one is more enticing than the memorable Abu Dhabi GP. Every Formula1 fan knows that Ferrari isn't going out that easily and that we could expect some great moves from Alonso tomorrow. So clear that schedule for tomorrow cause you wouldn't want to be that guy who missed one of the best debut GPs just cause you had to take the misses shopping.

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